New York City prides itself on being the most diverse metropolis in the world. However, you feel that you have been the subject of discrimination on your job based upon your national origin. This might occur because you are a non-American or perceived to be a non-American in the workplace. This might also occur because you are an American working in New York for a predominately foreign-owned company. You are not certain if you are protected by law against the behavior you are experiencing on the job or at the hands of your employer, whether manifested in employment decisions, policies, recruitment, hiring, or in the way you are treated.

According to the EEOC, national origin discrimination means treating someone less favorably because he or she comes from a particular place, because of his or her ethnicity or accent, or because it is believed that he or she has a particular ethnic background. National origin discrimination also means treating someone less favorably at work because of marriage or other association with someone of a particular nationality.

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